Things to Know When Wearing Circle Lens

Q. How to determine the the circle lenses are suitable for me?
You should remove your lens immediately if you experience any of the above following problems:

  • Itching, burning or stinging of the eye
  • A feeling of something in your eye
  • Excessive watering, unusual eye secretions or redness
  • Blurred vision, rainbows or hales around objects. Dry eyes may occur if your lenses are worn continuously or for too long.
  • The lens feels less comfortable than it did when it was first inserted.
  • If the discomfort or problem stops when you take out the lens, you should examine closely for damage, dirt or a foreign body.
  • If the problem continues, consult your Eye Care Practitioner immediately.
  • Any of the symptoms above can indicate a serious condition such as infection or corneal ulcer. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential to avoid serious damage to your eyes.
  • Remember that symptoms are warning signs. If in doubt, take them out.
  • When wearing color contact lenses, you may notice temporary differences in your vision due to the presence of the color in your lenses, especially in conditions of low light. If the differences in vision persist, it is important that your consult your Eye Care Practitioner.
  • Never allow anyone else to wear your lenses. They have been prescribed to fit your eyes and to correct your vision to the degree necessary.
  • Sharing lenses greatly increases the chance of eye infections.
  • When the replacement period prescribed by your Eye Care Practitioner is over, your lenses should be discarded and replace with a new sterile pair.
  • Ask your Eye Care Practitioner about wearing contact lenses during swimming and other water sports. Exposing contact t lenses to water during swimming and while in a hot tub may increase the risk of eye infection from microorganisms.

Q. What is the Shelf-Life and Life Time of Circle Lenses?
The shelf life of color contact lenses is about 3 years, and the life time of the lenses after opened is one year. The replacement of the lenses is recommended within one year after opening the seal and using the lenses.

Q. What are the basic rules when wearing circle lenses?
First time wearing:

To avoid sudden lack of oxygen to the eyes, those who are wearing color lens for first time should extend wearing time gradually, please refer to the below table for appropriate time. (This is also applicable to those stop wearing color lens more than two weeks)

  • 1st Day - 4 hours
  • 2nd Day - 6 hours
  • 3rd Day - 8 hours

Some normal symptoms will happen when you wear color lens for first time such as slight dry feeling, photophobia, blurred vision and etc.

After one to two weeks of adjustment, it will disappear naturally. If the symptoms continue, remove the lenses immediately and visit the optometrist to find out the reasons.

Keep in mind:

  • Wash your hands and fingernails thoroughly before wearing lenses, do not touch other things after washing;
  • After take out the lens, soak the lenses in the lens case;
  • Dispose the lens solution upon expired and replaced a new one;
  • Lens case should be changed regularly (once every 3 months), clean the lens cases weekly with soft brush;
  • Color lens should be worn before makeup, and should be removed before cleansing;
  • Used lens solution must be disposed;
  • Do not use any eye drops when wearing color lens;
  • Do not wear lens overnight;
  • Do not use tweezers or other tools to pick color lens, it may cause damage to the lens;
  • Examine your eyes before wearing circle lens. If eyes are inflame or turns red after wearing, stop wearing the circle lens;
  • If lens is hard to be removed from eyes, do not use force. Put a few drop of lens solution into eyes, then rub gently;
  • Do not rub your eyes if sand gets into it, remove the lens as soon as possible, lens must be cleaned before wear it again.

Q. What are the things to take note during make up?

Tips to those make-up while wearing circle lenses:

  • Put on contact lenses BEFORE make-up.
  • Remove contact lenses BEFORE cleansing. Always wash your hands before that.
  • Always ensure your hands are clean. Any stains on contact lenses may cause your eyes pain and prone to inflammation.
  • Apply powder gently to avoid falling into the eyes.
  • Choose a liquid or powder eyeliner when drawing eye shadow.
  • Use good quality mascara to avoid brushes fall into the eyes.
  • Apply mascara slowly and do no blink immediately after brushing. Wait for at least 10 seconds; ensure it is dry before we blink.